14 November 2008

Will Obama stop this?

I doubt it!


Lee Shelton IV said...

'Course he will. We voted for change!


How long will it take the average American voter to realize that the President of the United States is amazingly impotent to cause any real "change" in this country -- politically, economically, educationally, etc. -- and Barack Obama will prove no different than those who've gone before him.

Obama's had his fun taking cheap shots at George Bush and anyone else who dares to disagree with him, but he is about to discover the difference between sitting in the stands criticizing the quarterback and actually having to get in the game and run the offense. He will learn the hard way that there will always be opposition, and that the offense rarely works on the field as well as it does on the coach's chalkboard.

All those duped by Mr. Obama will soon realize that about the only thing he can change in Washington is his place of residence for the next four years.