14 August 2008

John W. Robbins - RIP

John William Robbins (1948-2008) died at his home in Unicoi County, Tennessee on Thursday, August, 14. He was 59.

I didn't know Dr. Robbins, but I listened to all of his lectures that I could download for free from the Trinity Foundation and I benefitted greatly.

I read most of the works of Gordon H. Clark (many published, or re-published by the Trinity Foundation - Dr. Robbins was the director) and profited greatly.

I e-mailed Dr. Robbins with my questions, and he graciously responded - encouraging my studies with recommended readings, etc.

The Christian's hope is in his Lord (Jesus Christ), and I believe that Christ was Dr. Robbins' hope. May God comfort his family in their hour of loss.

Grace & Peace.

The Militant Pacifist

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