30 July 2007

Nominalism vs. Moderate Realism (Ron Paul, Thomist)

You can read the article (and the Militant Pacifist thinks you should) by clicking on the link in the posting title above.

18 July 2007

A couple of quotes on the "Judgment of God"

The Militant Pacifist shares a couple of quotes on the "judgment of God."

1st, from Charlie Sexton's (an incredible Texas musician - songwriter, guitarist and co-frontman for the Arcangels, guitarist for Bob Dylan's band ['97-'04], and producer and contributor for a bunch of great albums - yeah folks, it's rock-n-roll) 2005 album Cruel and Gentle Things, and the song "Gospel:"

"Well the preacher shamed you,
but the preacher lied,
he may say you're damned,
but it aint’ him who decides,
and if you're lookin' for forgiveness,
you better hit your knees,
and if you're askin' Jesus,
you better ask Him 'please'."

2nd, from Lesslie Newbigin's book (a collection of lectures), Signs Amid the Rubble: The Purposes of God in Human History (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2003, Pg 41):

"It is basic to all Christian ethics that the final judgment upon conduct is the judgment of God. All Christians would agree with that. Not the judgment of contemporaries, not our own judgment, not even the judgment of history so-called, but the judgment of God is that with which we finally have to deal. If we deny that, we have to say that in the end only results matter, and motives do not. That is what Marxists say, and they are logical about it. They know that it means throwing overboard the whole Christian moral tradition. But it is common, I think, to all Christians that the final judgment, and therefore the judgment with which we have to reckon, is the judgment of God."

The Militant Pacifist says, "Amen, and Rock-on" - or - should I say, "Rock-on, and Amen!"

04 July 2007

The Case for Independence

Independence is a good idea. You can read about it by clicking on the link in the posting title above.