26 May 2007

Memorial Day

Wow! I've got Monday off. Think I'll barbeque!

I'm glad the defacto occupation state legislates this holiday, 'cause I like barbeque - but - before you buy into "Memorial" day ideology, read the article linked in the posting title above - an article by a peacable English teacher.

"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." God (Matthew 5:9)

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If you really believe this stuff, then read on.
Referring to Ms. Nicholas' statement about ALL combat deaths being in vain -- is she speaking of every war since the beginning of time, or just those of America? If it is the former, then she is the greatest historical military interpreter of all time and is wasting her time teaching English. If it is the latter, she needs to consider the privileges we have because of the sacrifices of countless brave individuals -- and then move to Canada. Too bad those boys at Valley Forge didn't know about all this, because they could have stayed at home in front of a fire instead of suffering frostbite.

Nobody hates war more than I do. Edward, I don't glorify it. Ms. Nicholas sets up a straw man by implying that Memorial Day is set aside to glorify war -- I've never heard or read anyone who believes that -- and then knocks him flat. Of course that is what people such as Ms. Nicholas often do -- change the definitions to support their claims.
Of course, I know that governments are filled with corrupt and self-serving individuals. I am not blind nor naive to the deficiencies of the political system. I do believe, however, that every government that has ever existed has been put in place by our Sovereign God to fulfill His purpose -- a purpose that neither you nor I can begin to understand.

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