30 April 2007

Will Ron Paul Be the Candidate of the Christian Right?

Well, Mr. Vance...sadly..I think I agree with your conclusion.

You can read Mr. Vance's latest musing by clicking on the link in the posting title above.

07 April 2007

What music would Jesus listen to?

The Militant Pacifist's niece/sister/friend is a journalism major (philosophy minor) at Baylor University. She's also a fine photographer (currently serving as photo editor for The Baylor Lariat - the Baylor University newspaper).

Because she knows me (and still loves me) she e-mailed me a recent editorial by one of her co-workers at the paper. His views approximate those of The Militant Pacifist quite nicely.

A quotation from the editorial - "Let's face it, AC/DC is just a lot more fun to listen to than Stephen Curtis Chapman" - may spark your interest.

If so, click on the link in the posting title above to read the editorial...and...rock on!