10 January 2007


There is a sick phenomenon in humanity. It seems that even really good folks sometimes can't help but stop and "gawk" at a train wreck. The Militant Pacifist directs your attention to a train wreck of foolish pabulum which you can see by clicking the link in the posting title above.

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Hippie Fringe said...

I'm not sure who that is supposed to be in the picture. Maybe it's some poor hitchhiking hippie rednecks have beaten & forced to repair the tattered flag that flew off their truck. If I understand your point here, I agree it is a ridiculous painting; Jesus was not white, probably would not appear today wearing robes, and may very well have been the one that peppered the flag in the first place. Maybe the painting should be entitled "symbiotic idolatry". I couldn't tell; was it painted on velvet?

Iconoclasm aside, the message is true. If we humble ourselves and pray, God may repair our country. Then again His idea of repair may be completely different than ours. The flag He is stitching may come to be an international symbol of virtue rather than value, peace rather than power, humility rather than hubris and penitence rather than patriotism. I guess I really don't have any problem with Jesus being painted as a white man, a black man or even a Middle Easterner. I guess the latter may have been visually confusing for some though, given 911.