06 November 2006

Are you okay friend?

Grief – "No", disappointment – "No", disgust – well, I’m not really sure. The Militant Pacifist’s new job puts him on the road early in the AM – and this means – that if he wants to – he can listen to “Focus on the Family (FoF).”

Not really “cool,” but the Militant Pacifist has benefited greatly from the books of Dr. James Dobson – books like “Love Must Be Tough,” “Bringing up Boys,” and “What Wives Wish their Husbands knew about Women.” The man has wisdom and skill with words, and his words and writing have been a blessing to many Christians.

My (grief, disappointment, disgust) emotion was over what I heard – on the radio program (words of caution, words of warning, words of fear). This week is “election” week in America. In the USA this week, we enter into the holy of holies and exercise our sacred (gag) right-to-vote. Dr. Dobson is greatly concerned about the future of America.

We are at a cross-road – the time is critical – before us are life and death – evil and good – right and wrong – democrats and republicans. If you are a good (FoF) Christian – you will make the right choice – you will be one of “Nehemiah’s re-builders” – you will be one of the saviors of America.

All of this makes me feel sick (nauseous). This is a righteous man – but he has totally bought in to the myth of “Christian” America.

The Militant Pacifist believes differently. The Militant Pacifist believes that either America = Sodom, or America approximates Sodom. God will judge America. God has judged America. God is judging America. Anyone who places hope or confidence in America is destined to a life of fear, depression, despondency and confusion. God will not bless America – that is over!

The blood is not coming – the blood is already in the streets. The foolish will look to men for help – but there is no help in man.

The republican is the devil. The democrat is Mephistopheles. America is the bastard son of the enlightenment. The corrupted (little “r”) reason of man must bow to the (capital “R”) reason (λογος) of God. It always has, and it always will. The truth is hard – but it never changes. Politicians are (all) liars. Don’t hold that against them – it is their job.

We do not need a new politician. We do not need a different politician. We need a king!

The Militant Pacifist has a king, and the Militant Pacifist is at peace.

Dear, beloved Dr. Dobson - are we on the same page? After Tuesday night (election night), where will your God (god?) be? My God will be firmly upon His throne! Μy mind will be at peace. Put no confidence in princes (especially republicans), nor for help on man depend, he shall die, to dust returning – and his purposes shall end.

All Glory to the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Prince of Peace – Jesus Christ, the Lord of All!!!

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nottmb said...

Oh, little brother, does your papa know bout dis?

I can still see him standing in the doorway of your room saying,
"That music sends me."

He's gonna blame all dis on me fosho.