04 September 2006


For the Christian, (the Militant Pacifist claims the status "Christian") there is but one ultimate authority – and this is Jesus Christ (God). The kingdom of Christ is a monarchy, and Jesus Christ reigns as King over all who have been made citizens of His kingdom. Hence, all Christians are obliged to obey their King. Any assertion to the contrary is rebellion.

In His absolute invisible and creatorial sovereignty, Jesus Christ reigns as King of kings, and Lord of lords. For the Christian, all worldly authorities are inferior to King Jesus. There can be no other King (authority) before Him.

King Jesus teaches that His kingdom is not “of this world.” Hence, consistent obedience to King Jesus immediately brings to the fore the conflicting demands of “worldly” authorities.

Since for the Christian, there is but one ultimate authority – the demands or commands of lesser authorities must ever be evaluated in light of the greater. Following any such evaluation, the Christian must always grant precedence to the greater.

Hence, it is expected that the Christian will be a worldly law-breaker.

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Hippie Fringe said...

I think any person of conscience would have to agree that subordination to any government must be tentative and provisional. Ultimately, we are all self-governing, to the extent that we are able, and continually involved in foreign policy.