21 July 2006

The Israel Resolution

Click the posting title above to read Representative Ron Paul's opposition to "The Israel Resolution." As usual, the good doctor hits the nail squarely on the head!

19 July 2006

Where are the Christians?

Usually the Militant Pacifist has scant agreement with Mr. Buchanan, but the question he asks as the title of his current essay is a good one.

With King David the Militant Pacifist must say:

"I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war (Psalm 120:7)."

You can read Mr. Buchanan's essay by clicking on the link in the posting title above.

17 July 2006

Wisdom - A Quotation

For those who, like the Militant Pacifist, desire to see the Kingdom of Christ expand (with souls) - hear a wise quotation from an old baptist.

"A fondness for controversy is not the road to extensive usefulness in winning souls to Christ."

James Upton; Letters on the Excellence and Influence of Evangelical Truth (1819), p. 40.