22 February 2006

The Task of a Reactionary Utopian

"The task of a reactionary utopian is simply to pull his head out of his immediate environment and look to religion, philosophy, history, and art for intimations of how social life ought to be. A decent man should always be somewhat alienated from the herd, from the age he lives in, from the dominant political gangs. When you feel at home in a world that has gone wrong, you’ve gone wrong too." Joseph Sobran

You can read the entire article by clicking the link in the posting title above

The Orion Nebula from the Hubble Telescope

To see more, click the link in the posting title above. Oh LORD, how wonderful are thy works!

06 February 2006

Translating the Emperor’s Speech

As some of you know, the Militant Pacifist is currently taking a course in ancient Greek. The most interesting part of this course is learning to translate text from one language to another.

By clicking on the posting title above, you can review a translation of the GWB's latest pontification. From the Militant pacifist's perspective, it's a pretty good translation!

01 February 2006

The Evil War on Drugs

Land of the free? Right........!

See the article linked in the posting title above, and remember that government makes a lot more problems than it solves. Didn't somebody really smart like Tom Jefferson say that?