08 December 2005

Bad Influence

The Militant Pacifist needs to curb his enthusiasm for pointing out the obivious (i.e., the severe case of LIS* suffered by the current el presidente of the United States of America). The Militant Pacifist realized this recently when he came across the following essay - written by the Militant Pacifist's daughter to fulfill a requirement of her English Grammar class.

My family likes freedom but not George Bush. Mostly my daddy
doesn't like him. Daddy is happy that we are free to worship as we please
but Mr. Bush and him don't get along. He prays for Mr. Bush since the
bible says that we should pray for the people in power over us and for our
enemies. One reason that my daddy doesn't like George Bush is that he
started an unnecessary war. George Bush's men killed dozens of people and
thousands of military men were killed in the process. Here's my
conclusion, my daddy does not like George Bush!

* LIS - Low IQ Syndrome

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