07 October 2005

Interests? Whose Interests?

Most people refuse to think deeply. Hence, they buy into the idea that they have “interests” which are not truly their interests at all.

Since the glory days of the Roman Empire (and before) nation-states have sent their sons to die on foreign shores because they had “interests” there. Supposedly, the United States has “interests” everywhere. Historically, honorable Americans were expected to be willing to fight and (if necessary) die for liberty. Today, they are expected to be willing to fight and die for “interests.”

Government officials speak of “national interests.” Some speak of “vital interests,” some of “strategic interests,” and some just mention “interests.” The United States Constitution nowhere speaks of interests, but history teaches us that the Roman Senate empowered the Emperor Vespasian with the “right...to do whatever he deems to serve the interests of the state.” But are the interests of the state your interests - especially if you are a Christian?

As published elsewhere in this BLOG, the Militant Pacifist is “anti-statist.” As a Christian, the Militant Pacifist feels only an exceedingly secondary allegiance to the worldly state into which he was "thrown" (in the Heideggerian sense). As a thinking person, the Militant Pacifist has conquered the bulk of his feelings of nationalism (a disgraceful emotion for professing Christians). As a (conditional) pacifist, the Militant Pacifist abhors the use of the statist sword to advance, protect, and enforce something as fickle and ill-defined as “interests.”

What a tragedy that in the 20th century the impious US government bathed its sword with the blood of its own sons to advance its “interests” (a grievous national sin which has accelerated in these opening days of the 21st century).

Though the Militant Pacifist believes the late American Republic to be the greatest experiment in modern governmental method, he sees it destined for continued horrific judgment because of a relativistic ethic which rationalizes the taking of human life under the guise of “interests.” Such a wicked, wicked concept cries out for Divine judgment.

Dear reader – do not be deceived! The Christian's great interest is in his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - and His kingdom. All of the kingdoms of this world will fall!

The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God (Psalm 9:17).”

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