07 September 2005

1st Time

Wow........a web presence!

I'm still reeling from shock. Murder, mayhem, and rape in the streets of New Orleans. I sure hope that Paul Prudhomme is safe. Is this what motivated me to get a blog? Naw......I got it 'cause it was free! Free stuff! Free stuff!

Maybe someone will actually read this - so I'll try to appear dignified. I am in a state of mild distress as I note with alarm and point with dismay to the swirling toilet bowl that is American culture.

I'll probably have more to say about that later, but for now, peace!

And (I must say) the only way you can have this peace that I'm wishing you - is to know the Prince of Peace.

Veritatem Deus aperit!


Eric Sowell said...

So is that wine or brandy in the pic?

Chris said...

welcome to the sphere.

Eric Sowell said...

I need to get a picture. That way my fancy picture would show up in comments.

the_militant_pacifist said...

If I recall, that would be Cognac (i.e., fine French brandy).